Aphrodite Greek GoddessOther Names

Cytherea, Lady of Cythera, Cypris, Lady of Cyprus, Acidalia, Cerigo, Dione, Aphrodite Ourania, Aphrodite Pandemos


Deity: Venus, Astarte, Hathor, Inanna
Animal: Doves, Sparrows, Horses, Swans
Symbol: Girdle, Mirror, Scallop Shell, Sceptre, Pearls
Planet: Venus
Herb: Myrtle, Rose, Pomegranate

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Wadjet-Bast Egyptian GoddessOther Names

Bastet, Ubasti, Baset, Baast, Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra, Ailuros, Perfumed Protector, Pacht, Pasch


Deity: Artemis, Sekhmet
Animal: Cats, Lions
Symbol: Sistrum, Aegis

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Inanna Mesopotamian GoddessOther Names

Innin, Nin-ana, Queen of Heaven, Lady of Myriad Offices, Nin-kur-ra-igi-ga; “the queen who eyes the highland”


Deity: Ishtar
Animal: Lions, serpents, birds
Symbol: Eight pointed star or rosette, caduceus, double-headed axe
Element: Air
Planet: Venus

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Angerona Roman Goddess

Other Names: Angeronia, Diva Angerona
Deity: Feronia
Sabbat: Yule
Magic: Goddess of the new year and returning sun, of silence and secrets. She would also relieve men of pain and suffering, including an oddly specific tale where she relieves angina.

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