Welcome to the encyclopedia of Gods and Goddesses. You can view detailed information for each deity, including associations with elements, Sabbats, other gods and more, different names they may have been known by, a description of their origins, stories and lore surrounding them and much more information.

View the Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons by visiting the links below;

Aengus Celtic God Wadjet-Bast Egyptian Goddess Aphrodite Greek Goddess
Celtic Deities Egyptian Deities Greek Deities
Inanna Mesopotamian Goddess Asgard Home of the Norse Gods Abundantia Roman Goddess
Mesopotamian Deities Norse Deities Roman Deities



Gateways to Babylon
Ancient Mythology
Gods, Heroes and Myths
Encyclopedia Mythica
Shrine of the Forgotten Goddesses
Theoi Greek Mythology
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Women in Greek Myths
Greek Gods
God Checker
Goddess Guide
The Norse Gods
Norse Mythology
Ancient Egypt
Tour Egypt
Egyptian Myths


The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion –
Exploring the World of the Celts – Simon James
The Complete World of Greek Mythology – Richard Burton
The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt – Richard H. Wilkinson
Celtic Myths & Legends – Ken & Joules Taylor
Greek Religion – Walter Burkert
The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles – Ronald Hutton
The Goddess Path – Patricia Monaghan

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