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These pages contain links to other Wiccan, Pagan or witchcraft sites which I would recommend. There are personal websites like Pagan Roots, community sites where you can join forums and take part in discussions or network with people from around the world, and Pagan shops which offer a wide range of items you might find useful.

If you like Pagan Roots, I would really love it if you posted a link on your own website, and in the ‘Add A Link To Roots’ post I’ve given examples of code you can use, as well as banner images that you can take.

Other Links

True Chakra Take this free 3-minute chakra test and find out where your energetic strengths and weaknesses lie. You’ll get a custom report with expert guidance on how each of your seven chakras are affecting your life. Numerologist Numerology is … Continue reading

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Personal Sites

Wicca: For The Rest Of Us Information about Wicca primarily aimed at other Wiccans addressing some of the problems and generally silliness that inundate us. A Witch’s Cauldron Specifically created for actively practicing Witches of any path, from practicing beginner … Continue reading

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