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Aker - Egyptian God

Associations Other Names: Akar, “One who curves”, Ruti – “two lions” Animal: Lion, Barbary lion Symbol: Strip of land with a head (human or lion) at each end. Magic: Crossing borders, entering the Underworld  

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Marduk Mesopotamian God

Other Names Bel – ‘Lord’, Ab-Kal Ilâni Bêl Terêti – “Leader of the Gods” Associations Deity: Asarluhi Animal: Dragon Symbol: Triangular Headed Spade, Hoe Planet: Jupiter

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Aphrodite Greek Goddess

Other Names Cytherea, Lady of Cythera, Cypris, Lady of Cyprus, Acidalia, Cerigo, Dione, Aphrodite Ourania, Aphrodite Pandemos Associations Deity: Venus, Astarte, Hathor, Inanna Animal: Doves, Sparrows, Horses, Swans Symbol: Girdle, Mirror, Scallop Shell, Sceptre, Pearls Planet: Venus Herb: Myrtle, Rose, … Continue reading

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Bes Egyptian God

Other Names Bisu, Aha – ‘The Fighter’ Associations Deity: Taweret Animal: Lion Symbol: Ostrich feather, rattle

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Wadjet-Bast Egyptian Goddess

Other Names Bastet, Ubasti, Baset, Baast, Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra, Ailuros, Perfumed Protector, Pacht, Pasch Associations Deity: Artemis, Sekhmet Animal: Cats, Lions Symbol: Sistrum, Aegis

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