Inanna Mesopotamian GoddessOther Names

Innin, Nin-ana, Queen of Heaven, Lady of Myriad Offices, Nin-kur-ra-igi-ga; “the queen who eyes the highland”


Deity: Ishtar
Animal: Lions, serpents, birds
Symbol: Eight pointed star or rosette, caduceus, double-headed axe
Element: Air
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A positive affirmationAn affirmation is a statement or declaration of belief, and it can be positive or negative. You probably make several affirmations a day without realising it, and you may be influencing your own state of mind entirely unintentionally.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I can’t do this” or “I’m no good at that”? Those are negative affirmations! The more you repeat these statements to yourself, the more you internalise them. You create a barrier in your own mind because you come to genuinely believe what you have been telling yourself. Continue reading

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Aeolus Greek GodOther Names: Hippotades – “The Reiner of Horses”, Aiolos, “Ruler of the Winds”
Deity: Uranus, Astraeus
Animal: Horses, Birds
Element: Air
Magic: Control of the winds
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Link Exchanges

These pages are all part of a link exchange program. For most of the sites here, if you click their banner you will place a vote for Pagan Roots on their site and be shown their complete listing. These sites all have a Pagan or mystical theme, and if you browse their links you can find all different kinds of sites.
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Regional Links

The links on this page are to websites which have a specific regional focus. They may be the internet home of a group working in a specific area, or just be aimed at Pagans from a particular city, state or country. Hopefully you can use these links to find other Pagans near to you, but even websites for groups on the other side of the world can have useful, interesting information.
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