Asgard Home of the Norse GodsOther Names

Asgarth, Esageard, Asgardr


Deity: Odin, Frigg
Place: Valhalla Continue reading

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Sigil Magic

A sigil is a symbol created for a specific magical purpose. The idea behind creating a sigil is that while your conscious mind can get bogged down in internal chatter, an abstract symbol can be recognised and reacted to by your subconscious mind. The sigil is a way of programming your unconscious mind to work on a particular problem. You could create a sigil to help you lose weight or to gain confidence – it’s entirely personal and can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

Sigil magic is the act of creating and charging a sigil to accomplish a specific goal. You can use the techniques I’ve outlined below on their own, or you can encorporate sigils into another kind of magic like carving sigils into candles for candle magic. Continue reading

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Ishtar Mesopotamian GoddessOther Names



Deity: Inanna, Astarte, Aphrodite
Animal: Lion
Symbol: Eight pointed star or rosette
Element: Air
Planet: Venus Continue reading

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Signs and Symbols

I have used quite a few Pagan and Wiccan symbols on this website already; the pentacle, the elements, the zodiac signs and the Elder Futhark rune stones. This page is for any other signs and symbols you may find useful. Continue reading

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsLove him or hate him, chances are you know who Harry Potter is. You’ve probably read at least one of the books or seen one of the films. JK Rowling could never have anticipated the fantastic success her book about The Boy Who Lived would achieve, or the controversy that would arise from its depictions of witches, wizards and magic.

For those of you just joining us after a 20-year-long nap, Harry Potter was first introduced to the world on the 30th June 1997 in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. The books have gone on to enjoy worldwide success and critical acclaim, selling over 450 million copies and being translated into 67 different languages. Continue reading

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