Crystal Bible, The

Judy Hall
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This is a handy quick reference for anyone interested in working with gemstones. The pictures of stones included are really helpful for practical use of the stones, although for information, better books can be found. Hall’s book is a good addition to your bookshelf nonetheless due to the number of stones mentioned and the basic information given for each.
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Pagan Shops

Moons n Brooms
[USA, does not accept international orders]
Filled with all things metaphysical, magical and mystical. With products that are hand crafted by local artisans including their own staff.

Divination Supplies
[USA, accepts international orders]
Shop for witchcraft supplies, witch balls, wiccan sabbat baskets, scrying mirrors, wicca supplies, wishing bowls and divination tools for foretelling the future.

Allegheny Candles and New Age Shop
[USA, does not accept international orders]
Our family owned metaphysical shop offers spiritual products to help you on your sacred journey including psychic development and divination tools, ritual supply, feng shui products, mystical jewelry, gifts, clothing and home decor.

The Mystic Corner
[USA, accepts international orders]
Occult, metaphysical, witchcraft supplies & information from abilities development to tarot.

[UK, does not accept international orders]
Moonrust is an independent New Age Gift Shop, with an ever expanding catalogue that includes Beer Bottle Goblets, Candles, Crystals, Essential Oils, Incense, Jewellery, Runes, Spell Kits, Tarot Cards, Worry Dolls and more.

Ancient Wisdoms
[USA, accepts international orders]
Ancient Wisdoms is one of the largest sources of Metaphysical, Pagan, Wicca, Spell Crafts, and New Age gifts and supplies. They carry over 4,800 unique items from around the world, including a great selection of ritual items, amulets, spell craft supplies, cupboards, herbs, crystals and gemstones, specialty spell candles and much much more.

Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy
[USA, accepts international orders]
Witchcrafts offers a large array of premium handcrafted and heirloom quality occult and spiritual witch wares for the seasoned or novice magical practitioner with a discriminating, refined taste for artful elegance.

The Ink Witch
[USA, accepts international orders]
The Ink Witch website offers original Pagan and mystical art by Sabrina who clings to the “old style” of dipping her nibbed pen into an ink well as her ancestors did so long ago.

Kitchen Witch
[UK, accepts international orders]
An online emporium of all things witchcraft and magical, from candles to charms, incense to inks, poppets to potions. They also have categories for different Sabbats, so you can find everything you need for a particular festival all in one place.

Magickal Creations
[USA, sells through other stores]
Makers of simply gorgeous art, sculptures, magickal items and more. I particularly like their 11″ by 14″ blank journals, and their hand crafted altar tables amongst many other beautiful items.

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All Around the Zodiac

Bill Tierney
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This is a wonderful book for those who want to learn more about astrology than is covered in general books on Paganism or Wicca. Tierney explains the qualities of each sign in some detail, before continuing to examine the interactions between different signs in a chart and the influence of planets in signs. There’s plenty of detail in it, but it remains an enjoyable and interesting read instead of sounding dry and formal.
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Invoke the Gods

Kala Trobe
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This book provides detailed information about 15 Gods, from the Ancient Egyptian and Greek religions, and from Hinduism. Trobe explains the mythology surrounding each archetype, as well as giving visualisations and information on ways to commune with the Gods and relevant Tarot card descriptions. This book may be of particular value to anyone looking for more information on the Gods to balance out the abundance of information available on Goddesses.

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Your Neighbour Might Be A Witch If…

Fifty sure-fire ways to detect Paganism without having to resort to a dunking stool or wart-inspection.

1) Never puts any rubbish out on refuse-collection day. I mean, re-cycling and composting is fine, but you can take it too far.

2) You casually ask what phase the moon is in, and she tells you down to the exact number of days, hour and minute of rising, position on horizon, and current angle of declination.

3) All the stray cats in the neighbourhood tend to congregate in her garden (and use your own as their litter). Continue reading

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