Tools of the Craft

This page is a glossary of different tools used by Pagans and Wiccans. Some of them are everyday items that have special names, meanings or significance for Wiccans, while others you may never have heard of before. I’ve tried to give a simple definition for each object, as well as including links to more information where possible.

Altar: An altar is an area set aside, normally a table, where sacred items are placed. There are many altar layouts that can be used, though most have something to represent the God and Goddess, as well as earth, air, fire and water. Altars are used during ritual or spell crafting as the focal point. They can be placed in one of the four corners (north, south, east, west) or in the middle of the circle and are used as a ‘workbench’ by the witch. Continue reading

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Words & Phrases

This page can be used like a simple Wiccan or Pagan dictionary, listing many of the terms commonly used. I’ve tried to provide a quick definition for each word or phrase, as well as links to more information when possible.

Adept: A person who is highly talented at a particular type of magic, for example kitchen magic, ceremonial magic, Egyptian magic etc. Continue reading

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Nine Noble Virtues

The Nine Noble Virtues are ethical guidelines, based on virtues found in Ancient Norse Paganism and set out in this form by the Odinic Rite in the 1970’s. Instead of saying that I choose to follow these guidelines, a more accurate description would be that these nine virtues mirror my own personal thoughts and feelings on morality and ethics. Instead of telling you what you must and must not do, the Nine Noble Virtues show you how to be the best person you can be. There are no hazy grey areas where you’re unsure of what the right course of action is, instead by striving to always uphold these ideals in all areas of your life you’re actively working to become a better person. Continue reading

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Becoming A Wiccan

Becoming a Wiccan is, in one sense, very easy; if you’ve read or heard anything about it and decide that it fits the way you feel and describes your beliefs then there is no further test or qualification you need to have to describe yourself as a Wiccan. That having been said, it’s foolish to claim to follow a religion that you know hardly anything about – if nothing else you may find, on further investigation, that Wicca is not the right religion for you. Continue reading

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What Is Wicca?

Wicca is a positive, polytheistic, nature religion.

Wicca is positive; it is a religion that has nothing to do with evil, hell or the devil. Wiccans do not worship Satan. Wiccans do not sacrifice goats, children, or anything else you may have heard mentioned. Wicca is all about balance – God and Goddess, light and dark, good and bad. You cannot have one without the other, and so you cannot have an all-evil entity, like the devil. Continue reading

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