Charging Gemstones

What does ‘charging’ a gemstone mean?

To charge a gemstone is to infuse it with positive natural energies, and dispel any negative energies that may be clinging to it. If you are able to sense energies in your crystals, you may find that after a while the energy feels dampened or dull. You can cleanse and refresh the energy in your crystal by using one of the following methods; Continue reading

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Using Gemstones

So you’ve found the right gemstone for you – now what do you do with it? Depending on the size of the stone there are lots of different ways to use it.

Large stones, or crystal clusters can be placed at strategic points around your house. For example, keep a rose quartz in the room your family uses most to foster loving relationships, or keep an amethyst on your bedside table to ward off nightmares. Continue reading

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Gemstone Encyclopedia

Welcome to the encyclopedia of gemstones. You can view detailed information for each gemstone, including associations with elements, deities, Sabbats and more, different names for the stone, a description of its physical characteristics, a general overview of it and lengthy descriptions of its magical and medicinal properties as well as any lore and legend surrounding it.

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Elementals are the beings that are associated with, and said to inhabit the four different elements; earth, air, fire and water. Each different element has a different elemental, which is a form of energy, usually invisible to the human eye. If you are working magic associated with a particular element, you can ask for help from that elemental spirit. Continue reading

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Spirit Element

To use the invoking or banishing pentagram, begin tracing it out at the end of the arrow, and head in the direction the arrow is pointing.

The element of spirit transcends gender, and is associated with the centre of all directions, and the colours ultraviolet and white. Spirit is multidimensional; an essence which transcends earth, air, fire and water, yet remains immanent. The element of spirit is highly mutable, malleable, and mobile, it is transformative, balanced and enduring, and it is both compressible and expandable. Continue reading

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