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Adam and Eve

Aplectrum Hyemale Other Names Putty Root Associations Deity: God and Goddess Planet: Venus Element: Water Gender: Masculine and Feminine

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Other Names Fruit of the oak tree, oak nut Associations Deity: The Green Man Element: Earth Gender: Masculine

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Aconitum Napellus Other Names Monkshood, Wolfsbane, Leopard’s Bane, Women’s Bane, Devil’s Helmet, Blue Rocket Associations Deity: Hecate, Medea Planet: Saturn Element: Water Gender: Feminine

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Abundantia Roman Goddess

Associations Other Names: Abundia Deity: Concordia, Fortuna, Ceres, Annona Symbol: Cornucopia, sheath of grain, palm leaf Magic: Fortune, abundance, calling good things into your life  

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Aegir Norse God

Associations Other Names: Hlér Deity: Poseidon, Neptune, Njord Element: Water Animal: Sea creatures Magic: Misfortune at sea  

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