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This category houses most of the posts on Pagan Roots; basic information for those new to Wicca; herbal and gemstone encyclopedias with detailed entries for many plants and crystals; a collection of data on gods and goddesses from various pantheons; pages on different forms of divination such as Tarot cards and rune stones; and a lot more.

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Aengus Celtic God

Welcome to the encyclopedia of Gods and Goddesses. You can view detailed information for each deity, including associations with elements, Sabbats, other gods and more, different names they may have been known by, a description of their origins, stories and … Continue reading

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Other Names Alacamite, Remolinite, Peruvian Green Sand (when reduced to a powder) Associations Element: Earth Zodiac: Aquarius Chakra: Heart, Third Eye Other Gems: Chrysocolla

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Althaea Officinalis Other Names Marshmallow, Marsh Mallow, Common Marshmallow, Mortification Root, Sweet Weed, Wymote Associations Planet: Venus Element: Water Gender: Feminine

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Aloe Vera Other Names Common Aloe, Medicinal Aloe, Burn Plant, Related Species Aloe Arborescens, Aloe Aristata, Aloe Variegata (Tiger Aloe) Associations Planet: Moon Element: Water Gender: Feminine

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Prunus Dulcis Other Names Greek Nut Associations Deity: Attis, Thoth, Mercury, Hermes Planet: Mercury Element: Air Gender: Masculine

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