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This category houses most of the posts on Pagan Roots; basic information for those new to Wicca; herbal and gemstone encyclopedias with detailed entries for many plants and crystals; a collection of data on gods and goddesses from various pantheons; pages on different forms of divination such as Tarot cards and rune stones; and a lot more.

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Date: February 2 Other Names: Candlemas, Oimelc, Brigid’s Day Goddesses: Arachne, Arianrhod, Athena, Attar, Brigid, Februa, Gaia, Selene, Vesta Gods: Braggi, Cupid, Diancecht, Dainichi, Essus, Februus, Pax

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Date: December 21 Other Names: Winter Solstice Goddesses: Brigid, Isis, Demeter, Gaia, Diana Gods: Apollo, Ra, Odin, Lugh, The Oak King, The Green Man

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Date: October 31 Other Names: Halloween, New Years, Feast of the Dead, Shadowfest, Martinmas Goddesses: Hecate, Alcyone, Ereshkigal, Hel, Nepthys, White Lady Gods: Carneios, Cel, Dagda, Hades, Odin, Osiris, Tuoni

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The Esbats are the celebrations of the thirteen full moons in a year, traditionally a time for Wiccans to gather and work magic – compared to the Sabbats which are usually more celebration than magical working. While the Sabbats are … Continue reading

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Storing Herbs

Why dry and store herbs? You may have collected more herbs than you’ve been able to use, or you might have plants in your own garden which you wish to harvest before Autumn. Whatever your reason, it is better to … Continue reading

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