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This category houses most of the posts on Pagan Roots; basic information for those new to Wicca; herbal and gemstone encyclopedias with detailed entries for many plants and crystals; a collection of data on gods and goddesses from various pantheons; pages on different forms of divination such as Tarot cards and rune stones; and a lot more.

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Lunar Month A lunar month lasts on average 29.53 days, measured from New Moon to New Moon. This figure may change slightly through the year as the moon moves faster at some times than at others, and so some lunar … Continue reading

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This is a quick check list cross referencing aims or intentions with planets and elements. Banishing: Saturn. Fire. Beauty: Venus. Water.

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Extinguishing A Candle

How is it best to extinguish a candle? Is there even a best way of doing it at all? Many people think that one should neither blow, nor pinch out a candle. Blowing will blow away your good luck, and … Continue reading

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Drawing Pentagrams

It is customary to draw invoking and banishing pentacles for the elements, as part of a spell or ritual. The traditional ways of doing so have seemed strange to me, and so I would like to explain my own methods, … Continue reading

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Days of the Week

This is a quick reference guide to various associations of the different days of the week. You could use this as a guide when planning magical or mundane activities. Sunday: Associated with the sun (“Sun’s day”). Yellow. Health, hope, joy, … Continue reading

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