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Other Names Good Luck Stone, Petrified Resin, Fossilized Resin, Baltic Gold, Succinite, Honey Stone, Petrified Sunlight, Resinite Associations Deity: Great Mother, Helios, Brighid Sabbat: Fire Sabbats – Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas Planet: Sun Element: Fire, Spirit Zodiac: Leo, Aquarius … Continue reading

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Other Names Amazon Stone, Amazon Jade Associations Deity: Nepthys, Baba Yaga, Artemis, Ares Sabbat: Yule Planet: Saturn Element: Earth Zodiac: Virgo Chakra: Heart

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Aengus Celtic God

Associations Other Names: Áengus, Óengus, Aonghus, Aengus Óg – “Aengus the Young”, Mac ind Óg – “Son of the Young”, Maccan, Mac Óg Deity: Tuatha Dé Danann, Maponos, Mabon ap Modron Element: Air Animal: Birds, songbirds Magic: God of love, … Continue reading

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Acacia Senegal Other Names Gum Arabic, Gum Senegal, Gum Acacia Associations Deity: Ra, Osiris, Astarte, Diana, Ishtar Planet: Sun Element: Air Gender: Masculine

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Other Names Gem of the Tsars, Emerald by Day and Ruby by Night, Emerald by Day, Amethyst by Night Associations Deity: Neptune, Poseidon Sabbat: Litha Planet: Neptune, Moon Element: Water Zodiac: Scorpio Chakra: Third eye, Heart, Base Other Gems: Sapphire, … Continue reading

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