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Ereshkigal Mesopotamian Goddess

Other Names “Great Lady Under Earth”, Irkalla Associations Deity: Hecate Animal: Dragons, snakes, owls, ravens, black animals

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Information & Stories Achelois was a Greek moon goddess, but her name translates to ‘she who washes away pain’. Sacrifices were made to her through the Dodonian Oracle in order for her subjects to be cured of their sicknesses.

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Amun Egyptian God

Associations Other Names: Amon, Amen, Amoun, Ammon, Amune, Imen, Yamun Deity: Amun-Ra, Amun-Min, Zeus, Planet: Sun Element: Fire Animal: Ram, Criosphinx Symbol: Two vertical plumes Magic: Represents the hidden, and the essential. Upholder of truth, justice and goodness.

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Arianrhod Celtic Goddess

Other Names “Silver Wheel” Associations Deity: Morgan le Fey, Artemis, Selene Planet: Moon, also in Welsh the Corona Borealis is called Caer Arianrhod. Element: Water Animal: Owl Symbol: Wheel

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Associations Animal: Hounds Family & Other Connections Arawn is great friends with Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed.

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