If you hover your cursor over any date that shows in bold below you should see a small popup with information for any event on that day. There are ‘events’ for several ancient and modern festivals as well as for various phases of the moon.


[google-calendar-events id=”1,2″ type=”ajax” max=”0″]

There is a ‘more details’ link in each popup, and if you are viewing a holiday or festival, you can visit a full page on the Google calendar website by clicking this link. If you are viewing information on the moon’s phase this ‘more details’ link will still appear, but if you click on it, Google calendar says no such event exists. I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about this, as the moon phase information is drawn from a calendar on Google that automatically calculates the dates and times. The information you want to look at is in the title bar of the popup;

Moon Phase information in the title bar.

Highlighted is the information on the moon phase.


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