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Inanna Mesopotamian Goddess

Other Names Innin, Nin-ana, Queen of Heaven, Lady of Myriad Offices, Nin-kur-ra-igi-ga; “the queen who eyes the highland” Associations Deity: Ishtar Animal: Lions, serpents, birds Symbol: Eight pointed star or rosette, caduceus, double-headed axe Element: Air Planet: Venus

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A positive affirmation

An affirmation is a statement or declaration of belief, and it can be positive or negative. You probably make several affirmations a day without realising it, and you may be influencing your own state of mind entirely unintentionally. Have you … Continue reading

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Aeolus Greek God

Associations Other Names: Hippotades – “The Reiner of Horses”, Aiolos, “Ruler of the Winds” Deity: Uranus, Astraeus Animal: Horses, Birds Element: Air Magic: Control of the winds

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Link Exchanges

Reign of the Goddess Top 100 Sites

These pages are all part of a link exchange program. For most of the sites here, if you click their banner you will place a vote for Pagan Roots on their site and be shown their complete listing. These sites … Continue reading

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Regional Links

The links on this page are to websites which have a specific regional focus. They may be the internet home of a group working in a specific area, or just be aimed at Pagans from a particular city, state or … Continue reading

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